In collaboration with the team at Dramaten the idea behind a "new stage" with concerts and performances, introductions, readings, conversations with actors, debates and new performing arts where born. A space for experimental work that builds a lot of collaborations; theater meets music, art, new technology.


A new approach to marketing solutions integrated in the events at the theater with the ambition to involve the audience, actors and directors in the creation and experience. As part of the strategy of Dramatens effort to reach out to new audiences we were working with the communication strategy of a number of plays.



The ambition was to open up Dramaten and involve and connect the audience and actors in the story of the plays before, during and after. This for example led to documentations of rehearsals, actors taking pictures and documenting their work, directors writing blogs about the work, audiences getting possibilities to contribute and be part of the creation of the plays. We used multiple media and the most relevant solutions that would made it possible to establish connections and collaborations with the audience. The marketing campaigns involved audiences long before the premiere of the plays and the marketing strategies were noticed in media. Sweden's largest daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter wrote “this will set the tone for what's to come in marketing strategy”



In a larger scale Dramaten has become a popular hangout for a more representative audience of Sweden today.



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