Edgeware creates technical solutions for the distribution of video and TV across the internet to all kind of devices. The company is part of a rapidly expanding and changing global market of infrastructure for video streaming which creates high demands for constant innovation of new technical solutions and a B2B communication that speaks of awareness at all levels. We were assigned to come up with a new design programme.



As there is a high pressure on clients responsible for complex technical solutions that has to operate perfectly when their audience trusts them to deliver the moment, we came up with a full scale design approach that speaks of stability, awareness and control in a holistic perspective.


To distinguish Edgeware from many of its competitors that often communicates in a overloaded visual way, the design concept is based on simplicity instead of complexity. The ambition is to make all aspects of the business visible and clarified. The design delivery ranges from detailed flow charts of technical descriptions, info graphics, digital platforms and exhibition stands.



The first steps of implementing the design was made at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam.


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