SATS is the leading fitness center in the Nordic region with over 11 million visitors every year. New offers and an expansion of the operations involved a review of the visual communication and training premises.



The old identity is revitalized to be more relevant to the image of SATS today. The new identity and a new retail concept is implemented to all fitness facilities. Each existing center is reviewed to their individual conditions.


Tailor made for the fitness center SATS Zenit, located in the city center of Stockholm, we created the concept ”SATS Zenit Lighthouse" based on the unique conditions of the room with its glass roof. The center will open up and the light from the ceiling let in through new glass walls and the premises will be used in its full potential. The new center will be dressed in SATS revitalized, sporty and fitness-oriented identity.



SATS continues to dominate the market and has strengthened its presence in the urban space through the new clear and revitalized identity.


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