Changes in the media landscape places new demands on the news agencies clarity and service. Our assignment was to translate the brand architecture to design. In collaboration with the work group at TT, we did workshops and developed a design strategy, presented a number of creative tracks, which resulted in a new design program for TT News Agency and the new logo for the TT group. The work was commissioned from and performed together with a brand strategist from Blink Partners.



A new brand structure. Several brands: TT, Scanpix, Swedish Graphics Office and the spectra were integrated into a brand. TT news agency.


TT News Agency will be - "a one-stop shop" for news in all formats. New logo and new design program for the TT news agency. The TT Group is separated from the TT news agency, and get’s a new logo.



Strategy, and the new organization and identity is fully implemented internally and communicated externally.



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