One of Stockholm's most despised building, BRF Vägaren on Folkungagatan 58 in the central of Stockholm, designed by renowned architect Bengt Lindroos was going trough a facelift. Both the facade and the entrances were considered the opposite of inviting. The residents wanted to get suggestions on how the entrances could be made more attractive, welcoming and open. We were commissioned by Marge Architects to come up with a proposal of a visual concept for 5 different entrances.



Behind the facade there is a hidden communal backyard. In contrast to the closed exterior it is open and in summer a dazzling place to rest in.

Based on the picture of the backyard, we created a picture of the garden populated with people from the time when the house was built. It is both a tribute to the place and the history of the house.



Both the residents and the building's visitors have expressed their enthusiasm for the positive development of the entrances and the building's history has become a popular share of the everyday experience.


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